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Palanas Masbate Google map
UTM : XP04 Geographical coordinates in decimal degrees (WGS84)
Latitude : 12.145
Longitude : 123.921
Geographical coordinates in degrees minutes seconds (WGS84)
Latitude : 12 08' 42''
Longitude : 123 55' 16''
Palanas is a philippine municipality. It is located in the province Masbate in Region V Bicol Region which is a part of the Luzon group of islands. The municipality Palanas is seated about 45 km south-east of province capital City Of Masbate and about 415 km south-east of Philippine main capital Manila. The geographic coordinates of Palanas are 12 7' 0'' N, 123 52' 59'' E.
Currently Palanas has 25 barangays which are:
Celebrating Palanas Town Fiesta 2011
One of the highlights of the events are: " Palanas Got Talent, Bb. Palanas"
-Cebuana Lhuillier-has a branch in palanas.
-maselco, Palanas Eatery.
Weather Upadate of Palanas, Masbate, Philippines


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A recognized agrotourism municipality with significant level of socio-economic, cultural growth and improved quality of life of the populace


To improve the quality of life of the constituents through the effective governance and delivery of sustainable program and services and by harnessing its natural,. Human and fiscal resources.
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